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How To Avoid Getting Cheated In Online Poker

The casino industry is notorious for its many scams, and people think online poker games are no exception. As someone new to the poker world, learning to avoid scams and tricks can take some time.

First and foremost, you must make sure you are playing at a reputable casino. If you are still looking for one, you should visit as each of the sites listed can be trusted to provide you with the highest levels of security.

This in-depth article will walk you through five ways playing online poker may be rigged.

Poker Bots

Computer programs that play poker are referred to as poker bots. These machines can always make the right choices since poker is a skill game wherein you make judgments based on arithmetic. As a result, they are not the most significant opponent to play against at a poker table because it substantially lowers your odds of winning.

Most poker sites need help determining whether a player is employing a poker bot because of this. These technologies can mimic human behavior and be quite sophisticated. There are a few techniques to identify a bot in your game. There is a reasonable probability that a player is a bot if you see them playing for an unusually long time without pausing. In addition, it can be a bot if a person plays at too many tables at once or consistently plays excellent hands.


Collusion is when two or more players work together secretly to improve the odds of one person winning. Players that engage in this type of cheating typically do it at a poker table with more considerable limits since colluding at it may be time-consuming and difficult.

An online player can purposefully communicate with another player through Skype, the phone, or another method about his hole cards and the strategy he intends to use for his current hand. Implicit collusion is a more subtle type of collusion in which players cooperate to cause the elimination of a rival with a tiny chip stack if he makes an all-in bet.


Making numerous real-money accounts on the same poker website is another typical method by which some players cheat online. Because they may pretend to be other poker players to raise their odds of winning, this gives them an unfair edge.

Multiple accounting concerns poker sites and honorable players are wishing to participate in a fair game. This is due to bonus fraud when a player utilizes many accounts and receives bonuses on each invoice.


Another problem in live and online poker is ghosting. It occurs when a player offers assistance to another while a poker game or tournament is still in progress. Ghosting is categorically forbidden during live competitions. However, preventing this from happening in online competitions might be challenging.

Ghosting might occur when two pals sit at the same poker table next to one another. Ghosting frequently occurs online with free applications. A player receiving coaching can speak with his “ghost” if he finds himself in a challenging circumstance before making any judgments.


When playing online poker, only play on reputable sites and never let your personal information get out to anyone you don’t trust. If you follow these simple tips, you’ll be able to stay safe and enjoy playing online poker without worry.

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