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Do Casinos Cheat in Roulette?

Even though casinos can technically cheat in roulette, they rarely do due to risking their license and facing legal action from players who believe they were duped into losing money. Furthermore, cheating is illegal even in gambling capitals like Las Vegas.

There are ways to protect yourself against casinos that cheat at roulette. First, select only legitimate casinos.

Random number generators

Cheating at roulette may seem alluring, but its consequences are serious and can even result in legal charges and prosecution. Cheating is illegal in most countries’ casinos; even on casino cruise ships where cheating may be legal but caught, you could still be banned from the site if caught. Sleight-of-hand has historically been used as the most prevalent means of cheating roulette games; for instance by palming chips into winning bets or taking chips away from losing ones (croupiers are trained to identify this method quickly), though this type of cheating can easily be detected by modern technology; other forms include past posting and wheel rigging (also called wheel rigging).

An RNG ensures that the outcomes of roulette games are truly random and prevent any potential patterns from emerging; this keeps players from becoming addicted. However, keep in mind that casinos always hold an advantage of around 5.26% over players.

Table layouts

Roulette, like other casino games, features multiple betting options; players have the choice between European or American roulette with its higher house edge; however, basic gameplay remains similar in both versions; simply place your chips on the table and press spin button – within seconds you will know whether the winning number has been determined and payouts will begin!

Some casinos impose strict etiquette rules in roulette to prevent cheating. This includes keeping hands away from the table during gameplay to reduce past posting and pinching techniques. Online roulette games also offer features that allow for systemised gameplay without physically experiencing tables – including past bet histories, re-bet options, automatic bet increases and showing odds for different bet types.

Odds of winning

House Edge When playing casino games both online and at physical locations, your odds of success depend on the house edge. At an average 5.26% house edge, it may increase if you use strategies which increase bet units after losses – an approach often used to help increase winnings but will never give a lasting edge against the casino.

Casinos understand the damage that cheating in roulette can do to their business can cost millions each year, so they have put systems in place to combat it such as random-number-generating machines, surveillance equipment and trained employees to safeguard them against it. They also regularly inspect their equipment to make sure it has not been altered mechanically.

Cheating roulette may seem tempting, but it should never be attempted due to its illegality and potential legal repercussions. Furthermore, other gamblers could witness and report your cheating to casino management, potentially leading to your arrest and permanent ban from that casino.


As long as casinos have existed, people have tried their hardest to cheat in order to win big. Some tricks may not qualify as cheating; others could prove dangerous; if caught you could face banning from all casinos and even criminal charges. Luckily, most reputable casinos respect their players and treat them fairly.

Casinos recognize that cheating can cost them millions every year, so they have devised methods to combat it. Their systems involve surveying players, equipment and employees for suspicious activity while monitoring roulette wheels for bias signs.

Dealers are particularly susceptible to cheating as they are held accountable for the results at their table. There have been multiple stories of dealers colluding with cheaters and the consequences can be severe; one such infamous roulette cheater Richard Marcus used distractive techniques such as quick movements to steal colored chips from other players at his table.

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