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The Basics of Roulette Game Rules

Roulette is an iconic casino classic. When placing their chips on the table using a special layout that displays different bet types and their respective payouts, bettors place special roulette chips from their dealer rather than regular casino chips.

Once a winning number is identified, the croupier places a marker on that bet in order to notify players who then collect their winning chips from him or her.


Roulette is a casino game in which bets are placed using colored chips on a spinning wheel with numbered compartments or pockets, in an effort to predict where the ball will land and increase their odds of victory. The objective is to correctly predict where or what pocket the ball will fall – the winner being determined by whoever correctly predicts where or on what number the ball lands first.

Roulette is an entirely random casino game; skill doesn’t play an integral role. Still, some players use betting systems in an attempt to increase their odds of success and boost their chances of victory.

But these betting systems don’t work and could cost you money in the end. Instead, setting a budget and sticking with it may help avoid losing more than anticipated.


Roulette provides an array of bets, each with differing odds and payouts, which can be placed either inside or outside the wheel based on probability. Although often perceived as an unlucky game of pure chance, players employ various progressive betting systems like Martingale to increase their chances of success – including progressive bets such as Martingale.

There are also various variations of Roulette available, such as European with 38 pockets and one zero; American version, however, features two zeroes for an increased house edge; furthermore some variations offer the La Partage rule which returns half of a player’s stake when an even money bet hits zero.


Roulette players have the opportunity to place various bets at the table using colored chips as bet markers, and then wait for the croupier to spin the wheel and hope the ball lands on one of their chosen numbers and win big! There are various bet types available including inside and outside bets which could offer great returns when betting successfully.

Outside bets cover larger positional clusters and offer lower returns than inside bets, but may still provide some action in certain instances. They can be placed on odd, even, red/black combinations.

Players may use the D’Alembert strategy, which involves increasing betting units after every loss. Although this strategy may seem safer than Martingale betting, it still leaves room for danger if players experience long losing streaks; therefore, it is recommended that they set an appropriate betting unit according to their bankroll and stick with it.


Payouts during a roulette game depend on the type of bet placed. Red or black bets offer even money payouts if either color lands, while outside bets that cover options on the edge of the betting table offer higher chances of success but do not pay as high an equivalent return.

Inside bets cover specific numbers on the roulette table and offer lower chances of success than outside bets; however, they can provide big returns. Players may select individual numbers or groups of numbers close together on the roulette table; larger positional pockets; or individual pockets located anywhere nearby as their target for betting; these bets can return as much as 35:1.


Roulette rules provide numerous betting opportunities that can be implemented via placing chips onto a betting mat with precise placement indicating each bet being made. Players should always ensure they don’t exceed their budget for any session or timeframe; this budget should be established once all personal expenses and household spending have been satisfied.

Roulette wheel contains 38 compartments numbered 1 to 36 that alternate red and black hues, as well as the 0 (zero) and 00 (double zero) positions. Prior to spinning the ball, players place their bets on the table before the dealer begins spinning it; bets will only be settled when one compartment comes to rest after its spin has concluded; roulette is ultimately a game of chance that doesn’t take into account skill as part of its odds calculation.

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