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Decoding Baccarat – A Comprehensive Guide for New Players

If you are an experienced player looking for some help with your strategy or you are looking to learn the game of baccarat for the first time, this article is your complete guide in obtaining all the right tools and information. Here you will find the important fundamentals behind the table, such as the third card rule, important baccarat positions and how they impact your strategy or important strategy around the bets and systems you should be using.

Spot streaks – whether of Player, Banker or Tie – and ride them Moor: Keep an eye open for lots of nibbles and short streaks, which could be signs to ‘go for it’ with a larger wager.

Game rules

Baccarat works by shuffling and dealing two cards to the ‘Player’ and ‘Banker’ hands, according to the rules of the game. Then a third card might be dealt to either hand, and betting ensues as to who will win the round by having the total of their card values be closer to nine, with ten being the highest value in Baccarat (Aces are worth one).

Baccarat is a simple card game that anyone can play in a casino. The players should use strategies for good money management so they can contain losses and also take advantage of any lucky runs – therefore, it is a good idea to decide a sensible weekly limit on losses and stick to it.

Here streaks for either the banker or the player, which you naturally take advantage of, and choppy patterns, which give you a cluttered idea of where the game is going and need to be watched carefully. Tie bets get a mention, the odds for the player being better than what you would think.


Baccarat isn’t just a game of chance, rather players can adopt strategies to gain an advantage in terms of winning, such as disciplined money management and forethought. They can also exhibit cunning observation of the game’s play and bet with additional insights – tactics that, through patience and impediment, can enhance a player’s chance of victory.

At the start of each game of baccarat, the dealer drinks four cards, one with each hand (two to the Player, two to Bankers) and one more to a Tie hand. The hand that closest totals to nine wins. Bankers may also draw additional cards under certain conditions.

Streaks do happen in baccarat and, if spotted, riding them is good strategy. Pay attention to rhythmic patterns in which either Player or Banker wins consecutively. The appearance of signs that foreshadow more random play will prompt you to increase your bets.


While the basics of baccarat are easy to pick up, regardless of gaming experience, the game is only won if you know how to recognise patterns of play and, most importantly, change your wagering action accordingly. That takes dedication, discipline and keen observation skills, as well as knowing when to bring the chaccit.

There are many different house rules for baccarat that can greatly change how the game is played. One of the most significant is the third-card rule for when the banker must draw another card to contribute to a player’s hand as the game progresses.

Edge sorting is another version of baccarat where the cards are sniffed out for marks caused by a bend, crimp or fold – which, to be clear, are all perfectly legal moves to perform on your cards. While edge sorting is technically legal in most jurisdictions, fragile egos (and some paranoid players who already believe card games are crooked) have got shaken by this new variation on baccarat – you’d better know about these variations before laying down hard currency on the table.


While baccarat is to some extent a game of chance rather than a game of strategy, there are ‘play the banker’ and other strategies players can incorporate into their game – this involves strategic betting, money management and careful observation of the game dynamics.

Another house-edge-swapping tip that is sometimes exploited in casino blackjack is to bet on the banker hand, as this has a better payout than players hands but also a lower house edge. However, casinos often impose commission fees when you win a banker bet, so be aware that the strategy might not be as profitable as it looks.

One baccarat winning strategy is to follow the Fibonacci sequence, increasing your bet size after every loss and decreasing it after every win – this is definitely the best way to keep your losses minimum and your gains maximum, but also a very risky way to play. You’d need quite a large bankroll if you want to follow this strategy, and you need patience and discipline because back-to-back losses can rapidly become very costly.

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